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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 28, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. japan's crippled reactor is now in danger of multiple meltdowns. poisonous radio active water pouring out uncontrollably. this morning, the inside story of the man who drove right up to the gates of the reactor get answers. target -- libya. rebels close in on gadhafi's hometown. the libyan leader under siege. losing his grip on two major oil complexes. how long before the dictator bolts? oh! >> oh! oh! >> caught on tape. teen mom meets fight club with an all-out brawl.
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a new black eye for the controversial mtv reality show and one of its most contentious stars. ♪ on the loose. major security breach at a new york zoo. a deadly cobra gone missing with a bite that can kill in a matter of minutes. good morning, everyone. we hope had you a fantastic weekend. well, look who's back. hope you had a great vacation. >> thank you. but i know there's a deadly cobra in new york. >> i'm telling up. >> but i missed all the excitement back here. >> what excitement. we'll go to lunch. also, vice president biden trying to clean up a little bit of a mess that broke over the weekend.
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he was having a fund-raiser and it turned out a reporter forced a member of his staff into a storage compartment. we'll find out what happened. and big security concerns about the royal wedding about a target to prince william and kate after the weekend's violent protests we saw in london. >> those protests did get out of hand. then there's a ufo sighting. a small colorado towns are to find out what is hovering above it all. we'll get to the bottom of it. we'll go to japan where workers at that crippled nuclear plant are scrambling to pump out hundreds of tons of water. neal karlinsky is in tokyo with the latest there. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. new developments seem to come up all the time, we're getting reports all the time of highly
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radioactive water leaking uncontrollably we're told from one of the plants this comes as the head of the operations brought to a halt has been removed from the command center suffering from exhaustion. he's at the top of the highly controversial tokyo electric company which is in the eye of the storm, which is why we visited their headquarters today looking for answers. in new video this morning, you can see smoke billowing from reactors two and three, the only visible sign of the catastrophe happening inside. officials say those reactors has damaged fuel rods and may in fact be in partial meltdown. the news comes a day after the man in charge seemed to be under meltdown and prompting an unusually harsh criticism from the government today. such a mistake is not something that should be forgiven or acceptable said this japanese government spokesman. so we went to topco
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headquarters, the tokyo power company that owned the reactors. japanese media practically live here waiting for detailing during sporadic briefings like this one where we didn't hear many hard questions being asked. the credibility is basically shot according to experts. why should anyone have faith that this company can get the job done without help? we're so sorry to inconvenience everybody, he says. we're trying to stabilize the situation. we're trying to give out the most accurate information." in the hallway outside, we tried again. shouldn't more help be brought in? his response, i agree with you actually, but we're doing our best. we're also getting a rare look inside the execution zone from a daring newspaper reporter who drove through the radiation and right up to the gates of the leaking nuclear plant and he asked to us check him with our geiger counter.
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>> under the hood. did you have the hood up? >> yes. as you approach the actual power plant itself you begin to feel more and more there. >> reporter: did anyone try to stop you? >> they were making the symbol like this which is -- >> reporter: an incredibly brave journa journey, though. not the smartest one. they believe at least a partial meltdown is going on, and some of the rods have begun to melt. >> we're going to bring in physicist michio kaku. when you hear about what is being reported, the multiple meltdown. what does it mean for radiation levels in japan and the people there? >> i think we're going to see more uncontrolled releases of radiation. at unit two, radiation are 100
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times above normal level. workers had to be evacuated. you will get a lethal dose in just a few hours. what it means, water is in contact with melted fuel. melted fuel releases iodine in large quantities and that's what we find in units two and three. i think the facility has been low-balling the numbers, downplaying the risk, you begin to wonder, is homer simpson operating this nuclear power plant? >> you saw in neal's report when he was asking questions on what they're saying to him, michio, the water that is leaking uncontrollably at this point. tell us more about that? >> there could be a breach in contain innoce containment in units one and two, a crack in the outer wall, means there's a contact between the fuel and the outside environment.
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that could mean the uncontrolled release of very, very toxic fuel. remember, if some point in the future, if we have to evacuate all the workers because radiation levels are high, that's the point of no return. at that point, radiation levels soar, water levels drop and we have a meltdown at three of the power stations. >> as the situation gets worse there at the plant, what does it possibly mean, michio, for the rest of the world? >> i think the rest of the world we have a faustian bargain. faust sold his soul to the devil for unlimited power. and the japanese military, utility is overwhelmed. at some point, i think they should be removed from leadership. a team of top scientists put in charge, with the authority to call out the japanese military. >> my goodness. michio, thank you for your perspective and insight. i know we'll be talking with you throughout the week thanks so
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much. we'll turn to the latest from libya. right now warplanes fighting gadhafi, bombing, continuing to bomb the capital of tripoli. and trebles have now advanced and say they have taken control of the city of sirte. this is an important city. this is gadhafi's hometown. a key stronghold. it comes after the rebels have advanced after taking control of ras la nouf. a major facility there. and rebels now control two-thirds of the ole supply in libya. we'll go to alex marquardt now. >> reporter: good morning, george. the coalition strikes were the first that allowed rebels to get within 20 miles of sirte. taking gadhafi's hometown would be a major symbolic victory. the remembers are not slowing down.
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recapturing town after town in eastern libya, retaking positions they had lost to gadhafi forces in the last few weeks. here, a british fighter jet takes aim at a gadhafi rocket launcher and leaves it flattened. in braga, empty streets and empty story fronts. gadhafi is going to hell, this man said, if he's caught, he'll be slaughtered. in tripoli, again, targeted by air strikes overnight, new images supposedly of gadhafi. libyan tv says he's in that white car surrounded by supporters. he now faces a larger opposition, with nato taking control of the no-fly zone. there's also word of this woman who accused gadhafi forces of gang rape. the government says they've opened a criminal investigation against four men and released herd from custody so she hasn't
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been seen in public. we just stopped a car coming from the direction of sirte, they said there is fighting going on down there. resistance was expects but the rebels are hoping to snuff it out quickly as they advance into the western part of the country for the first time. >> okay, alex. they had claimed control over it. there's still fighting going on in sirte. president obama is going to address the nation about libya, his first extensive comments since the bombing began. jake tapper joins us. jake, you've got the remembbels making advances from east to west and nato in full command. ma should we expect from the president tonight? >> well, white house sources tell us the president will try to bring the president into the decision-making process, the decision to act, to prevent a massacre from having taken place at benghazi so has not to have
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another rwanda on our hands and to it the way the president did it, with an international coalition. having nato assume control of the both the no-fly and the civilian part of this. they'll be brought into throws two components. >> when you were speaking yesterday, secretary of state clinton and secretary of defense robert gates, they had to admit they didn't think how it was going to end. >> i can't sit here and tell you exactly how it's going to play out but we believe libya will have a better shot in the future if departs and leaves power. >> and jake, even though it's not a military goal for gadhafi to leave power, it's for the people around him to buckle and give up? >> that's exactly right. there's still so many unanswered questions. in that same interview i asked
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defense secretary gates will the u.s. have been fully pulled out of this mission by the end of 2011. secretary gates says there's no one who has an answer to that question. and the american people are skeptical and have a lot of questions. this military action has a 47% approval rating. that's allow. usually when the u.s. launches a military action there's a rally around the flag. you see numbers in the 60s and 70s. the president has his work cut out for him, that's why he's speaking to the american people tonight to boost his support and explain why they're there. >> and he will emphasize that no u.s. ground troops will be used. jake, thanks very much. we'll cover the president's address, diane sawyer will anchor at 7:30 eastern. and you can see it on abc. >> anxious to hear what the president is going to say. there was an unusual apology
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from the vice president's office after a biden staffer ushered a reporter to a storage closet to wait there. it appears that they did not want the orlando sentinel talking before the vice president shows up. >> reporter: the incident exploded on to the blogosphere with headlines like "biden locks reporter in closet. reporter in prison. there was a $500 a plate fund-raiser at the mansion of alan ginsburg. >> i was selected from a pool of reporters. >> reporter: scott powers was hustled past the guests munching on -- >> various appetizers. >> reporter: like caprese crostini, deviled eyes and flat bread. >> it was cramped. >> reporter: he thought they
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were kidding. they weren't, except they called it a storage room. but powers did get a bottle of water and a staffer posted outside the door. why? >> the protocol is, they didn't want me talking to anybody. >> reporter: he waited and waited. did you have your tin can on the bars? >> i poked my head out to see what i can see. they said, go back inside. we'll let you know. >> reporter: but he was shooed right back in. >> they finally said after an hour or 45 minutes come on out. >> reporter: biden's people apologize noting that pool reporters are often put in hold rooms but this was different. >> have you ever been put in a closet before? >> this was my first closet. >> reporter: powers finally went to work showing this picture to his editor. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, orlando.
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>> i'm just thinking of the next assignment. >> one can only imagine -- never heard anything quite like that. >> at fund-raisers like that, you may be put in a bedroom, a small room, but a storage closet, that's why they had to apologize. let's get to sam. welcome back, sam champion. good to see you. >> thank you so much. good morning as well. ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to ask for your patience and indulgence, please. spring has been a bit delayed. let's talk a little bit about what's going on. here's why. there's the jet stream moving across the country from omaha to st. louis to boston there's a definite chill in the air. the blocking system here keeps that cold air in sprays, warmer to the south. but it looks like spring will not be found for at least a week. you've got cold air, get used to it. strong storms in oklahoma city, also in florida. large hail and we've seen the
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hail move in and systems are in central florida today. a little bit more going on in the northwest. light snow hitting in the mountain area. and scattered showers. we'll talk more about san francisco this morning. a cold start to our monday morning, only 32 degrees at national airport, 28 degrees in gaithersburg.
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a storm system as well to the l bringnd that wil clouds for the s quickly ass but a that moves in, it will move out here, partly to mostly sunny skies, 46 test 51 degrees. another cold night ahead. tomorrow, near 50 degrees for daytime >> we apologize for this delay in spring and hope you'll travel with us again. george. >> okay, sam, thank you very much. now, the hunt for a deadly snake on the loose from the bronx zoo here in new york. the 20-inch egyptian cobra escaped from its enclosure at the reptile house over the weekend. while zoo officials say they're confident this snake is confined to a safe area, linsey davis reports that some zoo visitors are still nervous. >> reporter: calling all snake charmers, a deadly cobra on the loose. >> today, we're going to blow this dump!
7:18 am
>> reporter: it's a real life animal escape skating from the film "madagascar." this venomous egyptian cobra somehow managed to slither out of its enclosure. after they learned that the deadly 20-inch snake escaped, it was closed. did i mention it was deadly? >> they're escape artists. >> reporter: now he tells us. but wait, there's more. >> egyptian cobras, i don't want to sound alarming but that whole family kills about 50,000 people a year. >> reporter: in 2003, the u.s. department of agriculture filed a complaint in court after thrive animals in five years, climbed, crawled and crept their way out of their exhibit at the los angeles zoo. in 2009, this chimpanzee at a
7:19 am
zoo in japan was so eager to get his freedom, he fought for it. back in the bronx, the frantic search has closed down the reptile house, as a result, we did find some crocodile tears. >> he had his heart set on seeing the snakes today. >> reporter: but again, zoo officials say they're confident that this snake is in a contained, nonpublic, isolated area inside the reptile house which is especially good news considering its venom is said to be so deadly it can kill an elephant in three hours, a human in a day. zoo officials say don't panic. >> if they're confident, how come they can't find the snake? >> you know, i'm kind of looking around here just to make sure. they say it's likely to come out when it's especially thirsty or hungry. it just keeps getting better. >> okay, linsey davis, thank you
7:20 am
very much. >> thanks. we're going to have that little colorado town on the map for being a ufo magnet. last week, the people of lafayette, population of 26,000, looked up and saw a strange triangular formation of lights. the video has gone viral so clayton sandell went there to see what's up. >> reporter: one things for sure -- >> what is that? >> reporter: -- people in lafayette, colorado, don't know what they saw last week hovering above their homes. >> i don't think it was an airplane. >> it was this weird energy. >> reporter: lester valdez saw the light, along with all of his neighbors. >> i have never witnessed anything like that. >> reporter: he said it was like those tiny ships of "close encounters of the third time." >> they kind of got into a pattern. >> reporter: leroy vandervet and
7:21 am
his song nick managed to capture them on camera. >> it was completely quiet. no noise at all. >> reporter: leroy doesn't know what it was, but he is sure that it wasn't a satellite, wasn't a helicopter and he says it it wasn't an airplane. they say there must be a perfectly good explanation. >> the idea of it actually being an alien spacecraft is pretty weird. >> reporter: beyond that, it's still a mystery, we tried calling the faa for help. they refused to speak with us. it is possible this is all a hoax, after all, lafayette isn't too far from where balloon boy's ufo took flight. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: for now, it's clear this is an unidentified flying object but is it really extra terrestrial? >> e.t. -- >> reporter: clayton sandell,
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i am scott thuman with your local news update. let's check on the roadways with lisa baden. we will go live to reston, with newschopper7. pedestrian struck by vehicle and they are documenting that incident. the traffic support vehicle is on the scene. this is on sunrise valley drive, of the earlier accident with the pedestrian. maryland,n the olney, a structure fire on a historic building. the georgia avenue is closed as a result we're day butat a fairly nice temperatures are well below this time of year, -- middle toatter upper 40's. skies will be partly to mostly sunny. for tonight, mainly clear,
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night, 25-32 degrees and tomorrow, clouds increase during the a wintry, upper 40's, wednesday, mother weekend.pcoming two people are dead after a night in prince george's county. domino's pizza delivery man shot and killed around 8:30 night and a man died after being shot a capitol heights gas n around 3:30 this morning. no suspects or motives in either shooting. we will be back with another at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to tbd news on news channel 8.
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oh! oh only. oak. oh. oh. >> you really have to see this. this is caught on team. the reality show on the popular mtv show, we go inside the controversy. >> mtv really playing with fire with this show. we're going to get into this. also, remember anna chapman, she was the russian spy? she's now become a huge star, cashing in russia. she's speaking about that now for the first time in her first international interview.
7:31 am
we're going to have more on that as well. "femme fatale," the name of britney spears' new album. also what did you do this weekend? prince william had his bachelor party. just how wild was it? all of that in the "royal diary." plus the growing concern over will and kate's wedding. first, more on reality tv getting rough. the star of the popular mtv show called "teen mom." andrea canning is here with much more on this. >> good morning, robin. we're talking about jenelle evans, she's been accused of everything from drug possession to breaking and entering. but it's a very public sight, bringing in the intentions of
7:32 am
the "teen mom" show and how far people will go for reality fame. >> reporter: in this shocking video "teen mom" jenelle evans can be seen kicking truet, a girl in her hometown. earlier, truet reportedly invited evans over to talk about a guy they were fighting over, but things turned vicious on this video licensed by abc news. it's just the latest controversy for jenelle evans, just last week she faced charges of drug possession and breaking and entering. her attorney addressed the fight. >> i have spoken to janelle about her video. she did not have a comment. >> reporter: it's just another black eye. she can also be seen reportedly punching and slapping her on again/off again fiance.
7:33 am
>> people on reality tv shows are giving themselves permission to turn up the volume when there's a camera. but that's not an acceptable thing in her own personal life. >> reporter: "teen mom" lass come under fire with young parents landing magazine deals and cortedly being paid upwards of $60,000 a season. one online headline reads are girls getting pregnant to audition for mtv's "teen mom?" >> teenagers are teenagers. some of this is within the relatively realm of their teenage. they're not necessarily going to have husbands. they're not necessarily going to have a family support system. >> some have argued in the past "teen mom" does depict the harsh
7:34 am
reality of being a young parent. no charges have been filed and it's unclear if any will. >> how can charges not be filed? >> you know, if the person she was fighting is not willing to cooperate then it makes the district attorney's job a little harder. we'll see what happens. we reached out for comment from the d.a. and we did not get any comment. >> turning now to anna chapman, the glamorous russian party girl captured here in new york believes this could be a good career move. she's making her most of her 15 minutes in moscow and she spoke out to the bbc. nick watt has the story how she's branching out overseas. >> reporter: aflame hair and femme fatale, undercurve party girl. chapman was the best looking of the russian spies sent home in disgrace. now, she's got her own tv show.
7:35 am
mysteries of the world with anna chapman. >> i never saw myself as a tv star like, you know, most people, they dream of being a tv star, like they dream of fame. it's not happened to me. i've never even felt that. >> reporter: the saucy spy poseded for racy magazine spreads. there are anna chapman action dolls. she's moving into politics, has trademarked her name and added volume to her hair. but this is her first foreign tv interview. it's quite unusual for a former secret agent to become a television star. >> who told you i'm an agent? >> so you deny being a secret agent? >> as i said before, numerous times, i will never deny and will never confirm the fact. >> reporter: her new tv show,
7:36 am
all about mysteries. >> every single being is interested in mysteries because they're secrets, they unsolved. >> reporter: will they dedicate an episode to herself? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: never has a spy so spectacularly turned anonymity into fame. >> no comment. >> that no comment went all the way to the bank. >> that's it. cha-ching. we've got a debut here, espn anchor josh elliott here with the stories. >> thanks, george. robin, they sent me to check on him. >> good morning, all of you. we begin in afghanistan with what could be the start of taliban spring terror offensive. they are taking credit for a massive suicide truck bombing that killed 20 construction workers. similar attacks are suspected as the weather continues to warm. in california, a sailboat
7:37 am
accident on san diego bay has left two people dead and eight injured. investigators aren't sure why the 35-foot boat flipped over sending adults and children into the bay. most of the victims were members of a single family. facebook made friend. former white house press second robert gibbs, "the new york times" reports that gibbs is in talk with the company about a new job that would pay considerably more than politics. facebook's stop alone could make his deal worth millions. finally, if you say you picked the final four to this year, liar, liar, pants on fire. 11th seeded vc uchlvcu, continu improbable run. kentucky is there for the first time in 13 years. the traditional powers of uconn and kentucky while the kids of butler and vcu trying to see if
7:38 am
the slipper still fits. interestingly, robin, over on's tournament bracket challenge, over 6 million entries, how many got it right? >> george and robin -- two. two. >> those are george's brackets. >> well done, george. >> it's easy. >> that's the way to go. >> we got to show the love for the women's tourney on espn. the final four will start punching tonight. >> indeed. >> good to have you here. let's get to sam. hey, sam. you're red all of a sudden. >> no, because one of the funniest memories of this weekend was robin explaining how this tournament works at an airport restaurant in san francisco yesterday. i'm like sitting there looking at her, looking at her, looking at her, shaking my head say, yeah. >> you uttered something. >> no we're not going there. let's get to the boards. plus, they're telling me in the control room to get to the
7:39 am
boards. we start out of georgia, down 85, south of atlanta to moreland, georgia if i'm right -- yep. you can see the storms. a quick hit out of washington, d.c. manassas, virginia, snow there on the cherry blossoms. officially, 0.2 inches of snow, reagan airport is the official measure of that. we'll show you what happened yesterday and how spring does not come in. we'll have time to do the res yet another cold start to morning, 29 degrees at dulles and 27 degrees at gaithersburg and 32 at reagan national airport. increasing clouds south of dc >> and here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma" "morning menu." now, how wild did it get at
7:40 am
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♪ we are counting down to the royal wedding now just over a month away. this morning's "royal diary," we unveil all the new details about prince william's bachelor bash. bianna golodryga is live with it. that is the fun stuff, but with the series of concerns after the protests turned violence. officials are worried that anarchists may target the royal
7:44 am
wedding as well? >> reporter: that's right, over 200 people were arrested over the weekend. we don't have many details about the bachelor party. we do know it was quiet, subdued, just 20 friends in all. london was a frenzy of riots and protests that turned violent over the weekend. fury over the deficit plan drew up to 250,000 people. and now evidence that protesters planning to disrupt the royal wedding. so it's no surprise that the stag party as the brits call it was a low-key event. just two hours outside of london. >> we believe that william had a house party, effectively, on the grounds of a big stately home owned by his friend and he's one the ushers at the wedding. >> reporter: planned by his best man and younger brother, harry
7:45 am
originally opted for a water-themed celebration with speed boats but ditched that after it was leaked to the press. >> he did everything he could to stay out of the public eye. the shy prince does it again. >> reporter: the shin ding took place just a few days before harry heads to the north pole. he talked with britain's "gq." >> this was a logical weekend for them. william just got back from australia. >> reporter: william and kate announce they had will serve a multi-tiered cake, a british tradition, with cream and fruit icing. and a chocolate biscuit at the reception requested by william. i think i'm going to opt with william. we've got chocolate cake here.
7:46 am
while the stag party wasn't like the one in the movie "hangover" they had had some laughs. >> that's a tall biscuit, bianna. thanks very much. >> i'll bring it back to you. >> okay. we're joined by our royal correspondent katie nicole joining us from london. it's clear that the anarchists are trying to spark some kind of a larger outpouring? >> reporter: well, yes, over the weekend, we had scenes of actually chaos over here. i mean, it's been a really sorry state, and there are promises by these anarchists to reek more havoc on april 29th. of course, the world is watching so it's a great platform. but i suspect they're going to
7:47 am
find it difficult to pull off. they're going to smart from everywhere from behind me at the abby. there's going to be security like you've never seen. good luck to them. i hope very much they won't. >> and prince william it seems was able to carry off the stag party without any wild pictures. what more do we know about kate's hen party? >> reporter: well, we know that's coming, i'm hearing, possibly next weekend, although it's not confirmed yet. but i told you last time it's probably going to be at the middleton's family home. given the fact that william was at his friend's family estate, i think this is what's going to happen. although they have hired four venues in london in case they want to hit the capitol. my hunch is it will be a private party. >> lots of choices out there. meanwhile, prince harry on his way to the north pole? >> reporter: he is. he's heading to north norway tomorrow. he's going off on the expedition
7:48 am
to raise awareness and to raise money for walking with the wind which is a charity he's passionate about. and it's going to be very, very cold. >> katie nicoll, thanks. for more go to and the new clothes are kidding are kicking up a huge controversy. share one of five appetizers, like our texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's favorites. like our honey chipotle chicken crispers or our famous baby back ribs. slow-smoked till they're fall-off-the-bone tender. or grilled all-white-meat chicken fajitas served over a bed of sizzling peppers and onions. the $20 dinner for two. now part of our menu all day, every day, only at chili's. and i wondered what it was.
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7:52 am
and coming up on "gma," road to the ball room. how this season's "dancing with the stars" contestants began their journey to the dance floor. and the most famous face of daytime television right there, susan lucci. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer we all want our kids to eat their vegetables, but we all know kids would rather they just disappear. ♪ make me say la la la la la la ♪ [ woman ] now with a little magic from mom, there's an easy way to get kids he nutrition they need. mott's medleys has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 7:56 and as monday, march 28. good morning, i am scott thuman taking aill begin by at the monday morning commute with lisa baden. the challenge has been in reston, the virginia. they are documented in a fatal pedestrian accident. soapstone drive and sunrise optiondrive is not an
7:57 am
this morning. this is live pictures of springfield, virginia. northbound is heading toward us of newington toward the theway and beyond to pentagon which is normal. grove0 backup is at shady road. is reporting normal service systemwide. we are starting our monday of sunshine but temperatures only in the 20's. there is a disturbance to the south and was moving toward the east. your by thist of afternoon and we will look for sunshine and clear skies overnight hours. be partly to mostly skies, 46-51 degrees and tonight, a similar situation as night, mid-20's to lower and tomorrow increasing a chance for a by wednesday morning. highs tomorrow 48-53 degrees. hailing a cab will cost you
7:58 am
more in d.c. o intouel surcharge will g today to set off the high gas for cabdrivers. that will not apply to trips across into maryland and virginia. another news update at 8:27. for continuous news coverage, tune in to tbd news on news channel 8.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you're listening to britney spears. get ready for the party tomorrow with her. we're going to kick things off, with her on "gma," singing from her new album "femme fatale." our huge concert event in san francisco. george, i want to tell you, you know when we say lines out the door and all that? lines were wrapped around the block at the auditorium there. >> my goodness, look at that. >> i mean for blocks and blocks
8:01 am
and blocks. that city is so close to britney's heart. >> it was wonderful. >> she must have been fantastic because you and sam are working on two or three hours' sleep and incredibly pumped up. >> yes. we're still off the adrenaline from the concert. we'll see it all tomorrow. >> you got to get britney out thereoof there. we're changing gears. this is a huge controversy, padded bikini tops for 7 and 8-year-olds. now, this big chain. we're not going to tell you just yet, are they pushing our girls who quickly? >> i guess that's a big no? >> yeah. the woman behind the legendary soap cara erica kane, our good friend susan lucci is here live.
8:02 am
juju at her house. the beautiful susan lucci. the pictures alone are worth it. we look forward to talking with susan. very sweet. also coming up before they were stars, we're going to open up the personal scrapbooks of the "dancing with the stars" contenders. we are going to begin with that controversy caused by abercrombie and fitch, they're now marketing padded bikini tops to children as young as 7 and 8 years old. >> swimsuits like this have many people wondering if girls are pushed to grow up too fast and too soon. claire shipman joins us with more. good morning. you really have to feel these bikini tops to believe it. hefty padding that might be appropriate for somebody like me. not for my daughter. let me tell you, the parents we talked to were stunned and
8:03 am
livid. >> reporter: in a world in which the rush to grow up begins shortly after birth, the audacity of marketing can still shock. >> they were advertising these online for a couple of days as the push-up bikini top. >> oh, my. >> padded swimsuit tops for 8-year-olds. >> i won't be buying them for my 8-year-old. >> i think it's terrible. my god. why would they do that? >> reporter: it was a unanimous reaction to abercrombie & fitch's attempt. >> first of all, i wouldn't put my daughter in a bikini until she was 7. second of all, i wouldn't put her in a padded pick cbikini. >> reporter: the padding remains as does the outrage. many of you wrote into the "gma" shotout board.
8:04 am
padded bathing suits for young girls is vulgar. i hope parents tell their children they're perfect the way they are. it's hardly the first time the company has strolled into racy territory, a few years ago, thongs with wing wing stitched on the front. >> they're just pushing them faster and faster. >> a lot of people are saying that's just today. >> what do you think of the p k bikini tops. >> reporter: hard to believe in a few years, she'll be told by marketers that she could use help with her figure. last year in britain, retailers tries to market padded bikini tops. there was such an outrage. maybe in today's world they view this as good marketing. >> i wonder if they're getting
8:05 am
it as we are. this was first aired on weekend "gma" on saturday. since then, the parents have been flooding the facebook page with comments, almost all negative. we want you to weigh in on the facebook page as well. for the top stories of the morning, here's espn anchor josh elliott in for juju. hey, good morning. breaking developments from japan this morning, where workers are now racing to avert multiple nuclear meltdowns scrambling to pump out tons of radioactive water now leaking uncontrollably from at least one reactor at the plant. tiny traces of that radio activity has blown all the way to massachusetts where it's shown up in rainwater. in libya, coalition bombs raining down overnight on moammar gadhafi hometown. there's tomorrow that rebel forces have in fact taken control of it. tonight, president obama is expected to speak to the nation. can you see that address here on
8:06 am
abc at 7:30 eastern. meanwhile, top pediatricians are trying to prevent a new condition, facebook depression. the american academy of pediatrics wants parents to start asking how many time they're spending on facebook. it could lead to depression, cut into sleep, homework and physical activity. and a happy ending to a very sticky situation yesterday. residents on new york's long island woke up to find this, a raccoon balanced on top of a telephone pole with his head stuck in a peanut butter jar. finally, they came and knocked the jar off and we're told that the little lady or fella, we're not sure which, is fine. sam, i warned you for the toss. >> you did warn me. josh walked up to me in the
8:07 am
hallway, i said, what did you say? it's raccoon on a pole, sam? >> raccoon on a pole. you've got more than an hour to figure it out. >> thank you. let it out. i say let it out because we need to warm up a little bit. the first time i've seen felt in a while on a sign. this is some work. what is your name? >> diana adams, pensacola, florida. and my friend angie helped me make the sign. >> there you go. you get credit, too. let's go to the boards. this morning, we're going to start with a shot out of tampa this morning because that shot will show you that the clouds are still in tampa but the storms are a little bit south. they will refire today we think a good part of central and south florida will run into strong storms. greater than 2 inches of rain. flash flooding is possible in some storms. keep an eye out there. san francisco, we're thinking of
8:08 am
you today, why? > we are looking at daytime only in the middle to upper 40's. it is well below average for year.ime of good mix of sun and clouds and nightt another cold mainly clear skies, a 25- 32 degrees. clouds increase tomorrow and park it is part of a system that mix as soonwintry as wednesday morning. highs tomorrow in the upper 40's >> now, we're cold, but we're happy in times square. george, robin. >> we're very happy in times square, erica kane, she organized a prison escape, fought you have a grizzly. she's looking fabulous. what about the woman who
8:09 am
portrayed her pour more than, it can't be 40 years, susan lucci joins us live in the studio. we're going to talk to her in just a moment. but first, juju takes a closer look. >> my med head is spinning. >> you're going to have fun. >> reporter: a girl guilty pleasure. shopping with susan lucci. >> you can do this. >> you can? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: susan lucci played erica kane on "all my children" for more than 40 years. her role earned her an unprecedented 21 emmy nominations. but it was losing time and time and time again that made susan lucci even more famous until this -- >> the streak is over, susan lucci! >> reporter: she gave us a tour of her surprisingly traditional home. the height, the coveted statue. >> a lot of people ask me where.
8:10 am
i tell them on the mantel. >> reporter: you need a spotlight on it. there you go. the 64-year-old mother and grandmother most prized possession are the children. >> if the house was burning down and i had to take one thing, this is what i'd take. >> reporter: forget the emmys. with the tour coming to a close, i couldn't resist using her as our producer. >> i'm going to wind up big time and let you really have. >> reporter: i'm ready for my big slap moment. this is going to be so much fun. how was that? >> very good. >> reporter: thank you. >> reporter: though she delivered the perfect punch, susan lucci is not a diva. she just plays one on tv. >> you, i hate you! i hate you! >> give it to him. >> oh, author susan lucci is
8:11 am
with us now. she has a brand-new book out called "all my life." it is wonderful to have you back. >> thank you so much. thank you, robin. >> i have my personal copy here. it's beautifully written. you talk about your childhood, you were shy. you would organize the neighborhood, the kids and everything. when did you know when you wanted to be an actress? >> i can't remember when i didn't want to be an actress. i talk about this in the book. it's how i played. when i finally got my nerve up to go outside, the other kids would do that with me. >> something that -- the pictures, as i said before are just so beautiful. and just really tell a story in in themselves. a lot of us think we grew up with you we know everything about you. we know everything about your character, we don't know everything about you. that you were in a car accident at the age of 19 that threatened your career? >> yes, actually, i almost lost
8:12 am
my eye. i was going to manhattan on long island express on a saturday night and i went through the windshield. my boyfriend at the time was driving. we stopped short and i went through the windshield. and actually wound up on the emergency operating table for 4 1/2 hours. while that resident on duty that night, carefully took glass out of it, right here, above my eye. i still have a little scar there, but that's not all. i was so lucky. >> you were very lucky. we all have something in our lives. >> we really do. >> your character has been married 11 time, 8 husbands. you've had one fabulous husband for over 40 years. >> i got so lucky, absolutely. >> and you tell this great story about how you had a fashion faux pas back in the '60s when you were recording?
8:13 am
>> yes, exactly. 1969, i think it was. my husband really new new york city very well. he was wine ing and dining me. and i had on a red pantsuit at the time, a tunic top, it was what was in style. we went to be seated and the maitre d' said you're not allowed in with pants. we don't allow pants. we have a dress code. i remember saying to my husband, i'll be right back. i took off the pants and had a mini dress on. >> that was very erica of you. >> well, it was before that. >> and you've been playing that part since you were a teenager. and erica, this is your life. we're going to go back in time, susan. take a look from "all my children." >> oh, my goodness. >> i want to be special, but i'm going to be.
8:14 am
>> what you're going to be is miserable if you keep scompegtsing everybody scompegt i expecting everybody to fall in your way. >> hey, i'm having a hamburger. >> you have to be the one they like best to make sure they like you at all? >> yes. >> when you look at the beginning, soaps back then were just -- we don't see as many anymore. you all had to leave us here in new york. you're now based in los angeles. you, my friend, took one nor the team, in having a contract restructured to keep the show going. what is the future now for the program and for soaps on television? >> well, we see as long as we have these loyal, passionate fans in our corner, including oprah who had us on a few weeks ago for her final season and said she only wants people on who she wants to talk to is a great vote of confidence. the fact that the network moved from us new york to brand-new digs in l.a. was a big financial vote of confidence. and we just received a letter
8:15 am
from the vice president in charge of finance congratulating us on what great shape we're in. >> you have so much support from so many people, it's been a part of our lives for so long. we were happy to see you win the emmy that you did. to be so close all those years, how much did it mean when you won? >> oh it meant a great zeadeal. i always said how many the nominations meant to, juju can tell you, they're all framed in my home. but winning is better. it is. winning is better. really, what meant so much for me, irl never forget, when i finally went up on stage, turned around and saw my peers in the industry standing up and being happy for me. i mean, my goodness, they worked so hard. so talented and the fact that they did that for me, i was blown away. >> i know you said familiar means more to you. you have a new granddaughter?
8:16 am
>> yes, born a few days ago. >> if you think i'm cute, you should see my grandmother. >> oh. hayden. >> much more with susan lucci tonight on "nightline." you can learn more, go online and see photos and memories of our dear friend. we'll be right back. >> thank you so much. yeah! whoagasp! whoagasp! whoagasp! you wanna make these? you put it in here? yeah, put it in there. ok, just press. i'm gonna give you some m&m's to put in there. ok! ready? and then you wanna take this... ...put it together. shake it. [ giggles ] are you making them for the easter bunny? no, you. ahhhhh. [ female announcer ] this easter... bring a tradition... out of its shell. rice krispies. i did it! you did!
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only on mondays. and only at your pizza hut. "dancing with the stars" returns tonight with more dazzling action on the dance floor. you know, we learn so much about all the celebrities as they try to learn all of their moves, but at the start of the latest season, chris connelly is here with a look back at all of their lives before they hit the ball room floor. chris, i love this segment. >> reporter: it's a lot of funs are george. the celebrities are feeling. not just the aches, the pains, why not it's not like they've been dancing since childhood. in fact when they were younger, they were doing a lot of different things. >> one, two, three -- four! >> reporter: rehearsals, a coming of hot-footed jive steps. >> kill yourself, your knees are screaming. if it hurts, you're doing it right. >> reporter: kirstie was a cheer
8:20 am
leader in school, back when baby facer rob macchio was rocking for success. were you rocking the bow tie? >> i was rocking the bow tie. >> reporter: send dra wilkinson loved her grandma. >> i tried to dance but the whole leotard was not my thing. >> reporter: this was mark ballas' hair in the early days. chelsea kane can relate. >> my boyfriend pretty much broke up with me the next day. it didn't go over well with the guys. i had that long blond hair, gone, overnight. it was -- >> reporter: we appreciate the sacrifice of your performance -- >> i obviously didn't learn anything. >> reporter: a pre-wrestling chris jericho was wearing a
8:21 am
skull, rocking a mullet. >> you just dance. shoulder shaking. ♪ >> reporter: romeo has been a rap star since 11. this was his first single "my baby." but he maintained a regular school life. >> i was watching that miley cyrus show. i was two people in one. >> reporter: the dancers are well chronicled. not so for sugar ray leonard. only this photo survived from his shy childhood. going about the transformation of your personality, we think of you as electric. >> boxing. the boxing brought me out i became more sociable, more gregarious. and now -- >> now, he's a dancer. >> reporter: football great hines ward hopes to get it from his school days. >> he was doing his other dance. i don't know. >> the tootsie roll.
8:22 am
♪ to the left to the right >> reporter: this is "tootsie roll" to the hip-hop. >> she won't let me put it in the show. >> reporter: and the drug addiction he's since overcome. >> i didn't identify any talents or any prospects for me to have a quote/unquote successful life. i didn't see that happening when i was 19 years old. >> reporter: tall teenaged wendy williams could only imagine her subsequent radio and tv stardom. >> most things that i dreamed about i would say from my earliest age has come true. >> reporter: and cover goddess petra nemcova. >> my first dance. it was like i shouldn't have done that. >> reporter: you must have made your family so happy, though,
8:23 am
when they saw the two of you doing the polka, right? young and dancing, even if you were missable. tonight, there will be some guy sitting on a couch going going you know, back in the day, i danced the polka with petra, george. >> that's a great memory. of course, all the stars will be back on the dance floor tonight on "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, 7:00 central. wednesday morning, the first couple booted from the ball room will join us live. and coming up here, bindi irwin's police station to save the world. we'll talk about steve irwin's daughter.
8:24 am
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8:27 am
to this. sign up for a venture card at today and get up to 100,000 miles. what's in your wallet? impressive, right? >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning and welcome back. starling at 8:27. drive and sunrise closed for aare pedestrian accident early this morning. a buildinghey had fire and georgia avenues closed directions. the for business is beltway, va. travel is typical. let's go to in '95 and i will
8:28 am
show you the pace of traffic improving out of springfield the pentagon. look at 270, a much better trip at shady grove road. theseh i could warm temperatures up a bit faster. 33 degrees at reagan national holding in the 20's to the north and west for frederick and gaithersburg. the storm system as well to the head up dueat will east. we will be on the northern edge of this. for increasing g the morning hours out of system will move here quickly. today are well below average, middle to upper 40's tonight, another cold night, mid to upper 20's. the crisis in japan has virginia keeping a eye on radiation levels. officials have not detected anything unusual but monitoring air, water, supplies.
8:29 am
of elevatedports in rainive material water tested in pennsylvania. update ather 8:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to tbd news on news channel 8.
8:30 am
♪ whoo! you can start and end your day tomorrow with that woman right there, britney spears right here on "gma." bringing you a very special music event from san francisco. and then she'll be on "jimmy kimmel" tomorrow night. >> long day. >> long day. coming up, she's going to tell us why san francisco. a lot of people are like, why? we'll explain that coming up. we've also got a very special guest this morning. remember "crocodile hunter"
8:31 am
steve irwin? his daughter bindi, she's only 12. she's here with a very special friend. that's her mom there, but her special friend charlotte, a kangaroo. and dana delany has moved from wisteria lane to more medical bodies. called "body of proof." and everyone watched friday night $319 million megamillions jackpot. no one has come forward to claim it. we know that the winning ticket was sold in albany, new york, reportedly to a group of office officers. jeremy hubbard is in albany. jeremy, albany is the new hot bed for lottery winners? >> reporter: yeah, just the last three weeks, three multimillion
8:32 am
dollar jackpot winners. one $50 million. another $120 million. as you said, this latest one for 319 million bucks. it is an unheard of lottery winning streak. a stroke of good luck. and the people of albany hoping they're next. >> i seen there was a winner here. i wanted to come in and see if i had a shot of winning. >> reporter: jut one winning ticket was picked. a quick pick sold at cowlson's variety store. this is the third time in six weeks. one company claimed a $48 million powerball jackpot. another $120 million power ball prize. >> it happen again. >> reporter: this store has a history of selling, one selling $3 million ticket and up to 90
8:33 am
grand. they say geography has nothing to do with your chances. word around town that seven i.t. for the state of new york will claim this gargantuan prize. >> i've worked with them for years. they're good working americans. i don't know until i go in monday morning until i go into work and these folks don't show up. >> reporter: we all know about lottery jackpots that have led to downfalls, divorces, even deaths like abraham shakespeare, murdered, allegedly, for his money. >> i'll see y'all back here tomorrow. >> reporter: -- misfortune is the farthest thing from these lottery hopefuls' minds. if it is with the seven state workers who won the lottery, once you divide it up take away
8:34 am
the taxes, they'll each get a hefty pay, $19 million. the owner of the store gets 10 grand for that. >> let's go outside, sam champion has the weather. sam, i can't see you yet, it's just too cold for late march. >> hi, george, welcome back, golden, chelsey, you guys are from where? >> california. >> this is your graduation trip from? >> high school. >> how's it been? >> super busy. i'm kind of used to it because i'm from l.a. >> and she might get two trips out of this graduation? >> she might get two trips out of this graduation. >> hawaii would be the next one? >> hawaii is it. >> okay, robin -- take a picture of robin. >> she is gorgeous. >> she is gorgeous. >> i see you, george. >> as you look outside, we're starting with a live shot. this is from the webcam in
8:35 am
killington, vermont. just what we need to tell you, there's a good hit of snow and lots of snow. 251 inches of snow this season. their base is 34 to 48 inches of snow. last monday, they got 4 inches of additional snow. the whole weather team was up there for the weekend. they were like show pictures, show pictures. let's get to the maps. green bay's at 2. detroit at 18. pittsburgh's at 20 degrees. they're at cold air. we're holding spring off for temperatures will slowly the middleorning in to lower 50's. will be cool and breezy and be in thelows will 20's. day tomorrow with >> and all that weather, all that weather was brought to you by the capital one venture card. oh, robin roberts. >> it was a little warmer in san
8:36 am
francisco when we were there for the big britney spears conat ce. we thought we'd let people know why we decided to be there, or britney decided to be there. it's the city by the bay. very close to britney's heart. ♪ >> reporter: it's the city by the bay. and its crown jewel, the gorgeous golden gate bridge opened in 1987. last year, i got a bird's-eye view with captain sullenberger, that's right, sully. >> you can see that. >> reporter: oh, yeah, today we're back in san francisco to enjoy the spectacular city. hopping on the world famous cable car and taking in the breathtaking views that attract the more than 15 million tourists each year.
8:37 am
♪ >> very good. >> bravo. >> reporter: san francisco's distinct communities make it the most unique and diverse cities in the world. and one in particular is close to britney spears' heart. the castro district. california's gay pride movement started here in the 1970ss. but today, it is home to many youth in need. and as we found out many, very surprised britney spears' fans. britney says she's always identified with her young fans,s especially those facing tough challenges like bullying and overcoming personal struggles. we visited two organizations helping teens in castro hoping with everything from homelessness to bias against homosexuality. >> our purpose is to support youth to move beyond life. it's also about being part of a
8:38 am
community where youth are supposed to be prioritized. >> reporter: it's a community of young people who identify with each other and embrace the differences among them all. >> when i came into the shelter, i didn't know anybody. i didn't know anything. i was just lost and confused about what was going on in my life. and then i met a couple people that were going through the same thing that i was going through. >> the world used to consider us bad, coming out here, you realize. >> reporter: the young people helped here are among the 2 million homeless youth in the u.s. nearly a quarter of that number comes from gay communities just like this one. >> they've been marginalized in their communities. they've been victims of stigma. they've been victims of violence in their communities. >> reporter: like for all adults in need, a little bit goes a long way. hot showers, cooked meals and the opportunity to express
8:39 am
themselves. >> the wind across the ocean -- ♪ >> reporter: and there are some serious britney fans expressing themselves in this group. ♪ ♪ would you hold it against me ♪ >> reporter: ecstatic that she's come all this way to san francisco to support them and to extend a very special invitation. >> you guys are all going to go! >> whoo! >> reporter: and they were there at the concert, and britney gave. >> right up front. >> where we headed to the concert, what did we do? >> we took the town. i'm telling you. we had people conducting tours. they couldn't have been more wonderful. >> these are courtesy of the chop from our abc station there. >> kgo. >> and they also showed the massive lines of people trying to get in. do you all see this? >> we know that the place holds
8:40 am
like 8,000 people. people were standing room only in this crowd. and everybody was in such a happy mood, lining around the entire -- the bill graham civic auditorium. >> so, tomorrow, this is the place to be for the big concert. we'll see it only here through the time lapse -- >> look at that. >> going up. >> i'm telling you it's one of the biggest things at "gma." it's incorrect. >> can we go inside now? >> yeah. ♪ ♪
8:41 am
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8:43 am
bindi irwin has got to be one the world's busiest teens. the daughter of late crocodile hunter steve irwin, movies, designs clothes, all part of her mission to protect and preserve
8:44 am
the environment. and "bindi wildlife adventures" in bookstores now. bindi and her mother terri here with a special guest, charlotte. >> yes, this is charlotte. these 8 months old. we just love her. isn't she beautiful? >> even as she tried to eat my tie. >> well, your tie looks appetizing. >> we call her red, but she's mostly gray. >> yes, she is. the red will come in more. it will be more obvious when she gets older. she's actually the largest kang are radio. and marsupial. marsupial literally means "big foot." >> she would normally be at 8 months in her mom's pouch but the columbus zoo is taking care of her? >> yeah, the columbus zoo is taking care of her now because her mom did reject her. she's lovely. she's absolutely wonderful.
8:45 am
>> you are so busy right now, doing so much. i have to say it's so inspiring to see how you've made your dad's mission your own. >> yeah, absolutely. we want to carry on in his footsteps where he left off. i'm very lucky. we've been doing a lot. at the moment, i've launched these new books, they've come out. they're wonderful books, they're based on our real life and all about adventures. >> how do you do them? how do you find the time to write them, how does it work? >> well, i'm the co-creator so we work with authors. the first book "trouble at the zoo zoo" is about my birthday. actually at the australia zoo, we do have my birthday there. >> you have determined when you're 18, you actually want to trach over management of the zoo that your dad founded? >> absolutely. it's a wonderful zoo.
8:46 am
we really want to teach people about conservation. it seems like we're getting farther and farther away from animals. and we do need to get closer. every time we lose an mall species, it's like losing a brick from the house. pretty soon, the house falls down. we're working on a lot of projects at the moment. right now, we're trying to protect the sealife and wildlife preserve. >> right, it's in australia. trying to move in and do strip mining there? >> yes, typical. very typical of australia. and what we're trying to do is we want to keep it from being strip mined. we have a petition going on now. >> and terri, you must have known this is all going to come to pass, you named bindi after a crocodile? >> well, her dad did. it was so amazing, he caught a crocodile and named it bindi when is an aborigine name for
8:47 am
little girl. you can't lose with aim na name that. >> she's just so comfortable. she's downed that entire bottle in three minutes? >> it's true. she was very hungry. she's wonderful. yeah, i'm very lucky. i'm excited with these books to get kids reading again and to encourage them to have their own adventures whether going to their local park. >> i'm going to take a couple home to my girls. thank you for coming in. >> absolutely. >> thanks, george. when we come back from "desperate housewives" to tenacious medical from mccafé are real fruit, as in strawberries, blackberries,
8:48 am
blueberries, and bananas, which kes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪
8:49 am
when dana delany played nurse colleen murphy in "china beach" her most common line was
8:50 am
"don't die on me." >> give us the behind the scenes with what your character is all about. >> she used to be a neurosurgeon and was very work-driven. married had a kid. lost all of that. lost custody of her child and was in a car accident. and her hands go numb, so she can no longer operate because she killed somebody on the table. she became a medical examiner because you can't kill somebody when they're already dead. >> so your character was in a car accident. and weren't you in a car accident too? >> i was also in a car accident, oddly enough. two weeks before shooting, my car was totaled. concussion. those two fingers, when you see me in the show going like that, that's really going like that. >> you said dr. hunt, she's a
8:51 am
bit of a nerd. you said you were drawn to that? >> yeah. i actually went for four different autopsies. that was fascinating. all men. i want a woman now. i want to accoucut up a woman n. >> your character, works on her people skills. here we go "body of proof." >> i understand you were on a ama panel on a suicide. what are you doing on this when a guy blew his brains out? >> do you know why he blew his brains out? >> no, i do not. >> neither do i, we all know but now we know it had nothing to do with the immune system. >> i'm the head of this and if you keep pulling that, you won't have any friends. >> you had to do studying for this. we have a quiz for you, dana delany. what is the difference between a
8:52 am
coroner and a medical examiner? >> not mufch. >> one is elected, one is appointed? >> no. it varies from state to state. there's no hard and fast rule on that. >> which of the following is not a type of autopsy, forensic, clinical or informational? >> i'd say clinical. i could be wrong. >> i could be wrong, too. let's show you something here. is this something that a medical examiner would use? could that be -- >> that's the delany -- >> what's that pray tell? >> my great grandfather inventeded that. they have them in the abc building. when i was younger and used to audition for "all my children," i would go in the bathroom and flush it for good luck. >> you're so sweet.
8:53 am
dana, thank you. "body of proof" premieres tomorrow night. >> right after "dancing with the stars." >> right after "dancing with the stars." >> that' more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity, for gadget power at your seat.
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8:56 am
well, you survived the first day here, josh. >> yeah, i just hope the network does. >> so far. >> continue to watch abc, watch "world news now" with diane sawyer. tomorrow, britney spears. >> she starts here on "gma," finishes up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> so long. >> have a great day. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
and good morning everybody. 8:56 is the time of this monday, i am alison starling. let's begin with lisa baden and a look at traffic. to set a press reported on 395 northbound. anyone leaving springfield -- we d on 395 a crash reporte northbound. first of all, it does not look good out of springfield pass the beltway and passing edsall road. is closer to do street. i believe that crash would be between edsall road and duke streets. other sideve to the of town. see slow traffic on the leaving college park through silver spring and traffic on the underpass. i wish we could warm up a bit faster. daytime highs are well below e for this time of year.
8:58 am
we will only hit the middle 40's mostly sunny skies. mainly cloudy skies to dip back into the 20's and tomorrow, clouds increase late in the day, 48-53 degrees. we have a chance for a wintry on wednesday changing over to already, cool for the the workweek and in the upper 40's. will mayor vincent gray thever his state of tonight.speech he will preview his budget proposal. months in office been brought very recent a 31%hows him with approval rating. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is up next.
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